Wheat and soy protein patties prepared with a delicious gravy. Just heat and serve. Add sautéed onions for an extra touch. Made with Non-GMO ingredients


Patty: Water, textured vegetable protein (soy protein concentrate), corn oil, wheat gluten, egg white, textured wheat gluten (wheat gluten, wheat flour, phosphate, natural mixed tocopherols),  minced onion. Contains 2% or less of soy protein isloate, inactive yeast, wheat starch, corn starch, natural flavors from non-meat sources, salt, garlic powder, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, caramel color, dextrose, red pepper, vitamins (niacinamide, thiamine, vitamin B6, riboflavin, vitamin B12)

Gravy: Water, corn starch, natural flavors from non-meat sources, hydrolyzed vegetable protein, salt, onion powder, dextrose

Dinner Steaks 13 oz Non-GMO

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